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All Natural & All Prime

All our beef products come from American Wagyu cattle born and raised on our ranch in Valley Springs, and professionally finished by our partner in Northern California. The animals are raised on an entirely natural diet, including pasture grasses, alfalfa, oat hay, corn, barley and other various plant-based feed, which are carefully formulated to balance all necessary nutrients. Our care and attention to detail truly enhance the flavor and tenderness of our beef, and we are proud to be able to offer this fine product of our hard work.

nakagawa ranches ny steak

Our beef is seasonal, synchronizing with nature’s rhythm, and usually available for sale from July through early spring the following year.

Unlike conventional beef cattle operations in the United States, where most cattle are harvested at the age of 14 to 18 months, our cattle are fed for a longer period of time to allow the meat to slowly mature. We harvest our cattle at 28 to 30 months of age.

The carcass is monitored closely and aged for 14 to 21 days to enhance its flavor. Quality grade (i.e. degree of marbling and maturity), yield grade and other data are continuously collected and evaluated for improvement.

The entire procedure, from harvesting to retail cut-and-wrap, is conducted at U. S. Department of Agriculture-inspected facilities in Southern Oregon and Northern California. So far, over 90% of the calves born and raised on our ranch have been graded at or beyond Prime, the highest beef grade in the United States. Given the fact that only 4-5% of all the beef currently produced in the U.S. is classified as Prime, our efforts mark a phenomenal accomplishment and further validate the exceptional genetic characteristics of the Wagyu breed.

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Nutritional Benefits

Nakagawa Ranches Shabu Shabu Beef

Beef is a highly nutritious food containing essential proteins, vitamins B-6 and B-12, niacin, iron and zinc. Additionally, it is a good source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid generated in beef cattle through the digestion of natural oils in feed. A 2004 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition described animal experiments that revealed CLA’s wide range of benefits, including cancer reduction, enhancement of immunity, alleviation of allergies and asthma, decreased blood cholesterol and obesity reduction.

The study suggested that certain high-marbling cattle breeds, and changes in feed to include more natural oils and grass hay or alfalfa, can have a dramatic impact on the amount of CLA contained within a serving of meat. In particular, the study highlighted the ability of the Wagyu breed to deposit high concentrations of CLA into its meat because of its extreme marbling characteristics. For example, when compared to the Limousin breed, the Wagyu breed deposited nearly two and half times more CLA in its meat.

Furthermore, a 1995 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry highlighted, among other things, additional health benefits of Wagyu meat compared to other beef. Notably, the study highlighted Wagyu’s higher ratios of monounsaturated fatty acids (so called “good fat”) to saturated fatty acids, which is believed to prevent increases in blood cholesterol levels. In particular, it is the oleic acid in CLA (the same fatty acid component abundant in olive oil) that is the primary driver and contributor to Wagyu’s renowned flavor, beautiful marbling and nutritional benefits.

In short, juicy, tender Wagyu beef is incredibly tasty and healthy for you, too!

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